AGVs are appearing used to transport various kinds of products, including pallets, rollers, carts, and containers.
They are particularly suited to:
Production centers, for:
Handling recyclables (paper, metal, rubber, steel, and plastic).
This contains transporting received components to the warehouse and providing materials to production lines.
Transporting goods through the manufacturing method.
AGVs let you move things from the warehouse to creation/treatment lines or in one processing area to another.

Delivering parts and tools.
The transport of completed products, which necessitates gentle taking care of as the item then heads to customers.
Simply because AGVs operate with exactly manipulated navigation, the opportunity of harm is reduced to minimum.
Transporting use to recycling centers.
Logistics centers (storage area space/distribution) for:
Storing and retrieving things.
Pallet handling because it is an effective repetitive and frequent action.
AGVs can procedure pallets from the palletizer that bargains them to the warehouse or simply shipping docks.
Quickly loading a trailer.
This is reasonably not used to employ AGV but is currently increasingly popular.
AGVs may take pallets from conveyors or perhaps racks and deliver them to the trailer.
Handling product flow on a warehouse.