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The Best SUB OHM Tank You Should Have

What are sub-Ohm tanks?

If you are a veteran vaper who loves to chuck some huge clouds while vaping, sub-ohm tanks make that real for you in an easy way. Due to the freestyle vaping experience it offers, sub-ohm tanks are the most common vape tanks available in the world of vapers. Recently, hundreds of these vape tanks have been produced in response to its huge popular demand.

A typical sub-ohm tank is an atomizer and requires powerful mods. These atomizers provide a ton of airflow and are specifically designed to give the same experience of dripping comfortably with a tank, allowing many vapers to fulfill their cloud-chasing ambition. Sub-ohm tanks are also designed for a smooth direct lung vaping, utilizing pre-built coil heads, and usually 0.5 ohms or lesser. Generally, most of the sub-ohm tank coil heads use cotton wicking. Recently several manufacturers have started using a few other wicking materials such as wood pulp and more advanced coils such as dual- or triple-mesh to enhance better flavor production.

Looking at the hundreds of sub-ohm tanks with different qualities spread all over the market, choosing the best one can be dicey. However, we have helped you research to find out which sub-ohm tank is the best out there to help your decision.

What’s the best sub-ohm tank for you?

UK SMOK TF tanks are one of the best sub-ohm tanks available in the market made for vapers that fantasize about huge clouds. Made with state of the art technology, SMOK TF tanks come with many amazing features that make the vaping experience a sustained one. While some refer to SMOK TF tanks as a beast of a tank specially designed for huge clouds, it works like a regular vape tank. You can power SMOK TF tanks by single, dual, and triple mesh coils. This rare powering versatility allows users to push the power to more than 100 watts. These tanks have the largest capacity for a typical sub-ohm tank and of all other vape tanks currently available in the market with a whopping 9ml.

SMOK TF tanks combine high standard performance with a variety of options, helping you achieve the intense flavor and impressive clouds conveniently without taking any special training. To chuck clouds effortlessly using these lightweight and portable tank, follow these three bullet points: pop in a coil, fill it up, enjoy.

How do SMOK TF tanks work?

SMOK TF tanks run on replaceable coil heads, which is attached to the bottom part of the tank. The cotton wick is the part that holds the e-liquid and transforms converts it to vapor when it contacts the hot coil. The suction will pull the e-juice towards the coil when the user puffs on the tank. The wide-open airflow feature provides the direct lung draw and stabilizes the temperature of the coils.

Although the major high points of the SMOK TF tanks are clouds and convenience, they also offer other benefits, including wide-open airflow, intense flavor production, High-watt vaping, and compatibility with high VG e-liquid. These tanks are made to make sub-ohm vaping more accessible.


  1. Can you put different tanks on Vapes? As long as they have the 510 connection, tanks and mods are pretty interchangeable. But some mods offer more wattage ranges. If you use a tank that requires so much wattage your mod won’t support it well, it will cause poor battery life.
  2. How often should I change my atomizer? Most wax atomizers need to be replace in 4 to 12 weeks. It depends on your vaping time, and the temperature you choose. Those who vape constantly at high temperatures will need to replace their atomizer more frequently.
  3. What happens if you dont change vape coil? If you push a coil past its lifespan and the vape begins to burn the coil, you may be exposing yourself to heavy metals.